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UKBA Same Day (Premium) Service

The UKBA same day service is a highly popular way of submitting a straightforward application, and offers you the opportunity and convenience of having your application considered within days rather than weeks or months.

Once your application is considered, you would normally be able to receive your documents and your passport back. Those requiring biometric ID cards will usually be able to receive their new cards within 7-10 working days of their visas being approved. This greatly facilitates those with overseas travel plans or requires their documents for employment purposes

As registered OISC representative, Adgbenfash Consulting Limited is able to represent clients at Glasgow Public Enquiry Office, and have had a 100% success rate with all our applications submitted this way.

If you instruct us for help with an application using the UKBA same day service, we will arrange a face-to-face consultation with you, where our regulated adviser reviews your application and documents prior to the UKBA appointment.

We will secure an appointment for you, submit your application to the UKBA in person on the appointed day, accompany you when enrolling your biometrics and arrange to pick up your passport and documents usually within 2-3 days, unless advised by the UKBA

For information regarding application fees for the UKBA Fast Track premium service, please refer to UKBA fees or Contact Us for help

Applications, which can be submitted at PEO

Applications for settlement or extension of stay

Public enquiry offices accept applications for permission to extend your stay (known as 'limited leave to remain') or to settle permanently (known as 'indefinite leave to remain') in the UK, in the categories below:

Points-based system
Work outside the points-based system and settlement
Medical studies

How And When To Contact Us For Your Same Day Visa Service?

If you need an appointment for Same Day Service (Premium Service) for your application, you must instruct us for this at least three weeks before the date for which an appointment is needed. Please be advised that appointments secured by legal representative can only be used by the legal representative and cannot be passed on to others.

If you wish us to get you an appointment for same day service from the UKBA for your application and submit your application through our same day visa service, please email us the following details to

If you have any dependents, you should also provide the above given details for each dependent.

Unless you are an existing client of Adgbenfash Consulting Limited, we will require you to pay at least £150 for us to request an appointment for you. If for any reason, we could not get the appointment for you, we will issue the full refund. If we do get an appointment for you, the sum of £150 will be counted towards our fee for the same day visa service we will provide. We will not refund the sum of £150 in case you change your mind and do not wish to go ahead with the appointment. The refund will happen only if we could not get an appointment for you.

To instruct us concerning Same Day Service (Premium Service), please Contact Us on: 07553040671 / Email:

Please note that the UKBA will decide the application on the same day only if the application is straightforward and not complex. The Home Office decides majority of the applications (more than 98% of the applications submitted) on the same day and only very few applications are retained by the Home Office for further enquiries.

UKBA Premium Same Day Service - Terms and Conditions

The UKBA will not be able to make a decision on the same day service through us, if the applicant has not complied with any of the immigration rules or of anything complicated in nature., They will keep aside the application to make further enquiries in such complicated cases and will only make a decision as in the case of a postal application. In such occasions, we cannot give any time stipulation when the UKBA will make a decision on your application even if it is submitted through the same day service. We will advice the clients of such a possibility, in such complicated cases or if there are any technical problems.

In some cases of hidden defects or non-compliance of immigration rules of which you may not aware, we will not be able to identify these defects or problems from the documents and information that you have provided with us. In such an occasion if we submit the application through the same day service, the application may be accepted by the UKBA officer in the initial screening with a paid fee to the Home Office. The non- compliance, technical problem or defect, may be found by the UKBA immigration officer when they consider the application in detail and they will either refuse the application or may ask for further information. In such cases also it will be considered as in the case of a postal application and we cannot give any indication as to when a decision will be made by the UKBA.

If the UKBA due to any reason refuse your application after taking the Home Office fees from us, then the UKBA will not refund their fees. If this happens and we will not be liable for any damages which may result from the Home Office refusal of your application, we will not reimburse you the Home Office fee or our fees. It is the Home Office who consider your application with a paid fee and there is no guarantee that your application will be successful. The success of your application will depend upon the compliance with immigration rules and any other relevant law of the UK.

The UK Border Agency allocates us slots for the legal representatives Same Day Service subject to their terms and conditions. We will not be able to submit your case on the allocated day. If they cancel our slot or if they cannot allocate us the slots, we will then try to obtain another slot on a subsequent date. We will have to book the slot again with the UKBA but itís not guaranteed when will be the allocated date

The allocation of slots is on a first come first served basis each week with UKBA to legal representative according to the availability. The email booking request is normally one week in advance. The slots are allocated only if the request for email booking reaches them before the allocation of slots in that particular week. If we are unable to obtain the slot for the week you require, then we will try to obtain another slot in one of the following weeks.

If we are not able to obtain a slot to submit your application using the same day service facility at the Home Office PEO, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer. With the same day service facility, if we are unable to obtain the slot to submit your application, you should make alternative arrangements.

In case if we are not able to obtain a slot for you and you wish not to proceed through us, then we will refund you our fees after deducting our administration cost of £30 for booking the slot and for returning any documents by special delivery post.

The service of Same Day Service provided by us may be cancelled at any time without notice. Even after you have instructed us to submit your application through the same day service facility, we will have the right to cancel this service. We will refund you our fees after deducting the cost for returning the documents by special delivery, if we cancel or stop our same day service facility without notice.

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