Set out below, are some current testimonials from our clients from around the world. We are proud of the service and support we provide for our clients, and, with a near 100% immigration success rate, our clients have been very generous in their praise.

Take a moment to search the feedback from our clients, recent Unitd Kingdom immigrants, that may have come from your county.

All comments below have been provided by real clients; who have provided us their contact information and permission to post their comments. If your county is not represented in the current list, please give us a call.

M. Mazhuvanchery
Type of Application: Indefinite Leave To Remain | County: London
"Adgbenfash Consulting was responsive in understanding the rather challenging situation I was in and was able to secure me an appointment at Glasgow at short notice. They were able to look at my case and analyse my requirements quickly enabling the correct documentation to be assembled. This led to a easy and seamlesss experience which resulted in my getting the ILR on the same day"

Dr Radovic
Type of Application: Spouse Visa | County: Edinburgh
"I contacted Adgbenfash Consulting Limited, after my MP recommended me to find an immigration advisor through the OISC web site. By that time I already had plenty of experience with different solicitors in Scotland. My case was, in spite of my clear immigration history, somewhat complex and I have already started losing faith that I will find someone who will be able to deal with it with confidence and accuracy, someone who will just know what to do and most importantly give me the right advice. When I met Adgbenfash immigration consultant I was pleasantly surprised with his professional and human approach to my case. The Consultant proved to be the eloquent advisor who knew the law and what he was doing - he understood the complexity of my case and engaged with it fully. For the first time I felt safe and that I am "in good hands": I had trust that Adgbenfash Consulting Ltd will be able to deal with my case and help me to resolve it.

It was more than that - the whole service of Adgbenfash was far beyond my expectations: not only that he grasped the complexity of my situation immediately and acted quickly and responsibly, he was also in touch with me and the Home Office on regular basis finding time for me, and helped me to submit an important application within only one day! I understood that I was lucky to find an immigration advisor who is not only capable to act highly professionally and who knows the law (and even the most 'confusing details' due to the recent changes in the immigration law) but who will be there for me in case of any emergency and will act in my best interest. Many people have had the negative experience with lawyers as they feel that lawyers sometimes confuse you even more and that they are interested in making profit rather than completely engaging with the client's case. They had knowledge, time, self-sacrifice and human side showing understanding and guiding me through administrative processes professionally, calmly and wisely. I could see the light at the end of the bureaucratic tunnel, and indeed my case was resolved fairly quickly."

Mrs Olalekan
Type of Application: Indefinite Leave To Remain| County: London
"Professional / expert service - excellent advices representation, quick response and action, availability - always in touch with me"

Mr. Abiodun
Type of Application: Tier 2 (General) | County: Edinburgh
"Excellent job! I find my immigration process with the assistance of Adgbenfash Consulting Limited so much easier. I consider such price/quality ratio to be the best in the market. All questions I had during the process were promptly addressed and resolved. Immigration advices provided to me were professional and exceptionally helpful."

Miss Sawan
Type of Application: Tier 4 (Adult) | County: Edinburgh
"Service was very professional and timely. Information provided to me was succinct and accurate".

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