Visa Guide for Application from outside the UK

The purpose of this guide is to help foreign applicants through the UK visa process. Although the process may seem tedious, its our goal to lead you through the process to secure your UK visa

It is not not a list of documents that you must submit. Adgbenfash Consulting Limited do not expect you to provide all of the documents listed below; it is for you to decide which documents are most relevant to your application

Please note that the submission of all or any of these documents does not guarantee that your application will be successful

Information about your Accommodation and travel details

You might want to submit the following documents to help show UKBA your accommodation and travel arrangements in the UK and the date when you intend to leave the UK. Adgbenfash Consulting Limited advise that you do not make any payments for accommodation, travel and so on until you have received your visa.

Details of accommodation and return travel bookings

This could be:

  • hotel booking confirmation (usually email).
  • travel booking confirmation (can be email or copy of tickets
  • travel agent confirmation of both
  • accommodation details with a supporting letter from the occupant confirming that you are able to stay there

Please be aware that if you provide fraudulent documents, this may result in processing delays and possibly your applicaion being refused and banned.

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