Visa Guide for Application from outside the UK

The purpose of this guide is to help foreign applicants through the UK visa process. Although the process may seem tedious, its our goal to lead you through the process to secure your UK visa

It is not not a list of documents that you must submit. Adgbenfash Consulting Limited do not expect you to provide all of the documents listed below; it is for you to decide which documents are most relevant to your application

Please note that the submission of all or any of these documents does not guarantee that your application will be successful

Information about your finances and employment

You may submit any of the following financial documents. You should consider including evidence of your total monthly income from all sources - for example, employment, friends, family, personal savings and property. This will help UKBA assess your circumstances in your own country and will give UKBA evidence of your trip is to be funded. You should consider providing this innformation even if someone else is paying for your trip.

Bank statement or bank books

Showing what has been paid in and out of an account for up to the previous 6 months, and naming the account holder. If you have made deposits in your account that are not in keeping with the account history, you might want to explain the origins and timing of these deposits

Bank letter or balance certificate

Showing the account balalnce, the account holder's name and the date when the account was opened. If you provide this document, you should consider providing additional documents showing the origins of the money in your account.


Covering up to the previous 6 months. If your salary is paid directly into your bank account, you should consider providing the statements showing these payments

Tax returns (business or personal)

You could include recent documents from your government tax office, confirming your income and the amount of tax you have paid

Business Bank account statement

If you include these you may wish to explain why you are allowed to spend the money from a business account if you are on a private visit.

Evidence of your income from property or land

This could include property deeds, mortage statements, tenancy agreements, accountant's letters, land registration documents or crop receipts. If the property or land is registered in several names, you may wish to explain how much you own. If the money earned from the land is shared, you may wish to say how it is divided

Please be aware that if you provide fraudulent documents, this may result in processing delays and possibly your applicaion being refused and banned.

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